Playlab London finds big problems by collaborating with experts and the people who experience them. We take this learning and turn it into playful products which people want to use.

Each of our games is designed to have a specific and measurable positive impact on a group of people and we validate this impact through well designed research.


Flowy is a tool for all kinds of people who experience panic attacks. It delivers Breathing Retraining through a series of beautifully designed, approachable puzzle games.

Simon Fox

Founding director and leads on design and gameplay development. He has worked as a developer and interaction designer for over five years specialising in new web technologies. Before Playlab, Simon launched two sucessful businessess.

Tobias Green

Founding director and the technical lead. He has spent the past six years working in startups. Before founding Playlab, he worked on enterprise systems.

Adam Hodgson

Art director. He is an animation graduate who has worked as an artist and illustrator for advertising, games and interactive theater. Clients include Vodafone and Barclays.

Quynh Pham

Researcher. She leads clinical game evaluation and has a strong background in experimental design, methodology, implementation and analysis.

Anders Furevik

Gameplay and concept artist. He is an illustrator and animator who has worked in television and advertising. Clients include HTC and Folimage.

Amanda Shemesh

Marketing. She is a English graduate and Literature enthusiast who is finding ways to communicate Playlab's projects to a wide reaching audience.

Over the past year we have designed and deployed games in social and learning spaces from the Science Museum to music festivals.

The Written World

The Written World is an ongoing experiment in collaborative story-making which opens up new ways for people to engage with writing, reading and collaborative work. Players build, explore and play within a shared fictional world.


Socialite was designed and iterated in response to the V&A's Britain 1700-1900 gallery. It's a party game which brings joyful competition and performativity to people's social interactions.


+SUM is a framework for installing game patterns in social spaces. It's a database structure which communicates missions and points earned to players via twitter and web app.

It was designed on the basis of Dacher Keltner's 'Jen Ratio' theory, an index of prosocial and antisocial behaviour in a space. +SUM is an engine to raise an area's Jen Ratio, and was run at music performances and social occasions with measurable success.

The Keep Me Company Company

The Keep Me Company Company game was a radical non-profit adventure in giving more value to doing positive things. It was built on an adapted version of our +SUM framework, and communicated missions to teams via SMS messages to reduce barriers to entry and ensure robustness in multiple environments.


William was an experiment in procedural generation and puzzle solving. Players were challenged to create entirely new fiction out of fragments mined from out-of-copyright works through a simple sentence-matching puzzle game. We used data to evolve the game by creating algorithms which created new sentence fragments from the most popularly used chains.

Darwin's Monster

Darwin's Monster was produced in collaboration with Rob Harris and John Waterworth for the Science Museum's 2011 PLAYER FESTIVAL. It explored the basic notions of cell biology through play, and received the 2011 PLAYER award for closely supporting the content on the 'Who Am I' exhibit.

We are looking for user testers in the London area to help us refine Flowy – drop an email to for further details.


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- Featured in Wired

- Featured in Google’s Think Quarterly 2012

- Awarded by Abertay University in the 2012 Prototype Fund

- Awarded the Science Museum’s PLAYER award 2011 for ‘Darwin’s Monster’

- Completed successful Kickstarter funding campaign in January 2012 for ‘The Written World’

- Part of the Bethnal Green Ventures SS13 cohort

- Part of the Nomiment Trust Social Tech Social Change programme